Each of AMA’s 70+ local chapters operates independently. Volunteer members manage all aspects of chapter operations including membership development, succession planning, finance, programming, sponsorship and professional development. Members are involved in single projects – like planning a monthly program for the chapter – as well as long term activities as chapter officers. Volunteering for your chapter is a great way to meet others in the local marketing community.The Akron/Canton chapter is always looking for members and prospective members to take part in running the organization. We have a number of committees and positions available. To see what’s available, fill our our online form on the contact us page. Volunteers represent a key strategic asset of the AMA

  • They provide an integral role in guiding the content deliverables to the membership
  • Their in-market experience allows AMA content to be current and relevant to the various constituencies
  • The work that they do on behalf of AMA allows far broader and deeper support to the membership than would otherwise be possible

In recognition of the importance of Volunteers to the organization, the AMA will:

  • Treat our volunteers as partners
  • Support our volunteers with appropriate resources
  • Respond to their requests thoroughly and in a timely manner
  • Truly appreciate the work that they do on behalf of AMA
  • Acknowledge the contributions that they have made to the organization
  • Thank them sincerely for their efforts

Volunteer Opportunities:

Sponsorship – Assists the VP of Sponsorship in identifying Chapter needs.

Membership – Assists the VP of Membership with the member recruitment and retention program for the Chapter.
Communications – Assists the VP of Communications with publicizing the events.
Programming – Assists the VP of Programming in developing, recommending and implementing programs for regular chapter meetings.
Collegiate Relations – Assists the Director of Collegiate Relations in establishing a relationship between local universities and the chapter.