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The Value of Knowing the “Who”

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audience who“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well, the product or services fits him and sells itself.”


Peter Drucker’s sage advice from decades ago still holds true today, and in essence, is the working mantra of marketing research. The process of discovering the needs, wants and perceptions of customers is what makes the discipline so engaging and satisfying to marketing research practitioners. But all too often, defining the customer is a lost part of the launch until sales decline or forecasts don’t meet expectations. Without a doubt, marketing research can and should be used to identify and understand the target audience of a product or service, as it is inextricably tied to success.


5 Practical Online Marketing Tips From a Top VP at Google

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At a recent Google event, Google’s VP of Global Small Business Marketing Arjan Dijk answered questions about online marketing from small business owners. Here are some of the key takeaways from the Google Q&A, with Dijk’s advice for small businesses looking to launch or expand their online marketing efforts.


New Facebook Brand Pages Available Now For Many Companies

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Facebook’s brand page redesign, which the social site announced in March, will be made available to more brands over the coming weeks. Many brands are already getting messages on their pages asking marketers if they want to switch over to the new design. In the new format page posts are displayed in a single column—a look that’s more similar to standard facebook user news feeds. Learn more about the new design and the Facebook’s progressive rollout. 


4 Smart Marketing Strategies From The New Godzilla Movie

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You may have noticed the 355-foot radioactive dinosaur dominating the box office to the tune of $93 million this past weekend. Despite being associated with a movie made 60 years ago and a horrible Hollywood remake from 1998, the new Godzilla movie has become a smashing success. That’s due in large part to a smart and strategic marketing campaign. Here are four tricks every marketer can learn from Godzilla.


4 Big-Time Websites With Surprisingly Awful Design

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For brands, a website forms the center of your online presence. That’s why it’s so important to have a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate website. Most (if not all) online marketers know that by now, and yet there’s still so many bad websites out there. Even from big-time companies. Here are four examples at four well-known and popular websites that boast outdated or uninspired design.


How to Spice Up Your Marketing Efforts for Your “Boring” Product

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Let’s face it, the majority of products companies produce are not great to look at. They’re also not sold directly to consumers. They’re what many people would consider “boring”. But just because your product is boring doesn’t mean your marketing needs to be. Here are five ways to add a healthy dose of excitement to the online marketing for your product—no matter how boring it may be.


25 Stats on the State of Multichannel Marketing in 2014

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56% of postcards are read by recipients, making them the direct mail piece most likely to be read. Nearly 77 million U.S. adults will use mobile coupons this year. Email is the preferred communication method between retailers and consumers. See more insightful stats on direct mail, email, online, search, and mobile marketing from the 2014 Statistical Fact Book produced by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).


Why Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Should Include Instagram

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The social media front has become increasingly crowded in recent years, with new niche social sites popping up and building an audience. Of course, this poses a challenge for marketers who need to strategically decide which sites are worth their time. The majority of marketers are not yet using Instagram, but maybe they should be. According to a new Forrester report, companies can expect a much higher rate of engagement with customers on Instagram than on other popular social sites.


Top 10 Most Reputable Brands in America

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Harris recently released results from its annual poll naming the corporations with the best reputations in America. The top 10 brands on the list are a collection of familiar names—though their rankings, and the company that took the number-one spot may be surprising (hint: it’s not Coca-Cola or Apple). Check out the 10 most reputable brands in the USA based on the results of the 15th annual Harris poll.  


A Great Example of How Customer Service Impacts Your Branding

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When most people talk about marketing and branding, they typically talk about efforts to influence audience desire and the way they perceive your products and services. What often gets lost in that equation is the role of customer service. Nothing has a greater effect on they way customers think about your brand than the one-to-one service you provide. Unfortunately, too many companies disregard this and—in today’s age of social media—negative customer service experiences resonate and weaken their brands. Here’s a recent customer Facebook post that provides a perfect example.