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What the Smartest Content Marketers Are Doing (and You Should Too)

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93% of B2B marketers are using content marketing. Even with the spotlight being increasingly shone on content marketing over the past couple years, that’s a very big number. Encouraged by recent results, marketers are continuing to invest in the most successful content marketing strategies. So what are those strategies? Check out this infographic showing the content marketing platforms, tactics and trends that are proving to be the most effective.


Using Sales Techniques to Master Online Marketing

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Join Akron-Canton AMA on April 30 at the Canton Club for a night of networking and professional development. Our speaker this month is Matt Bailey, President & Founder of SiteLogic – Online Marketing Consultants. He will be speaking on how to use traditional sales techniques to master online marketing. Learn more about this event, and register now for early bird rates.


4 Ways Your Brand Can Prepare for New Facebook Design Changes

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Once again, Facebook is making some changes to the design of the site. These changes will roll out over the next couple weeks and have a specific impact on brand pages. The most significant changes include a new single-column News Feed so status updates appear all in one line, a large callout to the business’s “About” section, and a “pages to Watch” feature. With these changes on the horizon, here are four things your organization can do to prepare.


8 Effective Tips for Boosting Your E-Newsletter Results

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The e-newsletter has become essential to any effective content marketing strategy. When done well, the e-newsletter can  increase brand awareness and drive website traffic. Problem is, they’re not done well all that often. Follow these proven tips to better engage your e-newsletter subscribers and see an increase in opens and clicks.


What We Can Learn About Long-Term Branding From LEGO

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With the recent success of The LEGO Movie, LEGO caps a brand comeback ten years in the making. The struggles and ultimate triumph of LEGO can teach all organizations and marketers a few key lessons in branding for the long haul. Based on LEGO’s success, here are three awesome ways you can keep your brand going strong for decades.


Top Tips for Building Customer Relationships Through Content Marketing

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Content Marketing has become a top marketing trend in recent years, embraced by brands big and small. The idea: Rather than hard-selling people on the value of your organization, you produce valuable online content that individuals will seek out and discover your organization through. Here are some key tips on using content marketing to ramp up your audience engagement.


Half of Americans Say They Will Purchase Wearable Technology

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Get ready for the next big thing, marketers. While last year saw the introduction of smart watches and Google Glass, that was only the beginning. As wearable tech becomes more streamlined and fashionable, more Americans will be wearing the devices. We even have the numbers to prove it. A recent Nielsen report revealed close to 50 percent of Americans are likely to purchase wearables in the near future. 


6 Smart & Successful Selfie Social Media Campaigns

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In a society in love with our “personal brands”, it is a snapshot of our time. It was even the Oxford word of the year in 2013. Of course, we’re talking about the selfie. The self-shot picture has transformed into an art form in the age of advanced smartphones. And where there’s a popular trend, there are brands working to integrate that trend into their marketing. So which brands have most successfully and uniquely socialized the selfie? Here are six examples of successful social media selfie campaigns.


Examples of Logo Redesigns That Backfired for Brands

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While brands need to change and evolve as products, audience, tastes and styles evolve, sometimes brand revamps don’t go according to plan. Or, more accurately, they don’t go over with audiences according to plan. A recent example came in the form of Olive Garden’s new brand logo, which many customers complained was too simple and generic. Here are some other examples of brand tweaks and redesigns that fell flat.


How to Improve the Chances of Your Online Marketing Going Viral

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You may be wondering why your content and other online marketing efforts aren’t experiencing smashing viral success. While there’s no magic bullet to make your marketing go viral, there are strategic steps you can take to increase the likelihood your content will catch on. Here are a few of those steps to help you get started.